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Serving Our Seniors

One Need At A Time

Serving Our Seniors - NC is a non-profit organization focused on providing low, or no-cost services to "in-home" seniors, 65 and older living in North Carolina. Our mission is to help keep our seniors in their homes as long as possible by providing home-based services on a periodic or ongoing basis, one need at a time for qualifying seniors.

Serving our Seniors provides these valued services:


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Apply online to see if you qualify for our free or low cost services...
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“I'm a 92 year old widow and simply can't do for myself many of the things I used to do, including cleaning the house and taking out the trash.  Nor can I afford to keep up on my yard work now that my husband is gone.  The kind folks from Serving Our Seniors came out and mowed my yard during the season and even trimmed my bushes for nothing.  At the end of Fall they came back out and cleaned my gutters.  They even cleaned above my cupboards and made sure my thermostat was adjusted properly for the winter...  They are such a blessing, I'm not sure what I would do without their help”


Elenor Pender

“My husband is disabled and I have a neck injury.  We are on a tight fixed income and not able to afford to repair many of the things around the house.  The folks from SOS-NC came out and fixed a light switch and wiring issue that made it safe again for me to use our stairs”   Thank you for what you do !

Anne S.

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