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Home Care Services


Home Optimization...

Over time, the homes of our loved ones may turn into a dangerous environment for them... Part of what makes Serving our Senior's so special is that we come in and optimize your Senior's home to ensure its as safe as it can be. From removing lose and dangerous items to rearranging furniture to provide clear, safe pathways around the home.  We have a 28 point checklist of items recommended by the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities that covers everything inside and outside of the home to ensure your loved one's home is safe, secure and properly set up to give them maximum freedom and be as user-friendly as possible.


Companionship Visits...

 Far too often, our Seniors are left alone to fend for themselves or tucked away in a corner without any form of companionship from family or friends. We encourage spending quality time with our Seniors by forming positive social relationships and contributing to conversations and discussions that help keep them enlightened. It was recommended by the founder's 92 year old mother that 'being relevant' included having someone to share their thoughts with and keep quality conversations ongoing between them. We strive to make companionship visits one of our top priority services.

Special Services...

Normally Seniors beyond a certain age are not encouraged to drive and in some cases may not be able to.  Having someone to run errands, pick up groceries, drive your loved one to a Dr.'s appointment or just drive them around to get a different point of view can make a real difference in their mental states and improve their attitudes...  Upon sufficient notice and request, we can provide those special services.   

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