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What else can we provide?
  • Install Bath and shower support rails

  • Yearly water heater flushing

  • In/Out of season preparations

  • Yard care (mowing/bush trimming)

  • Provide potty support rails

  • Light plumbing repair (faucets and leaks) 

  • Easy to use automatic thermostat

  • Install Weather Stripping 

  • Light Home Repair (Paint n Patch)

  • Update conventional lighting to LED

  • Light deck repairs

  • Install and/or Fire Alarms and Carbon Dioxide Sensors

We can provide simple to use, efficient thermostats and provide for fitment of safety handrails in bathrooms and throughout the home as required. Want to know more? call all us now ... 1-828-222-4393 or click here now to schedule your consultation.
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