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Whew, glad 2020 is over! Here's wishing everyone a much happier, healthier and safer New Year!

2020 was certainly challenging in many ways... first was launching a brand new non profit that focuses on a group of folks resistant to receiving help. Then we were challenged with understanding just what kind of help we were going to be able to provide those most in need and just how to get that done. Next we were being challenged with how best to get the word out on who we were and what we were all about. And THEN... Covid 19 Hit. There probably couldn't be much worse timing if I tried to do that, LOL. Although we serviced far fewer Seniors in 2020 that we envisioned, just being able to help one person in need certainly was a blessing and we are looking forward to serving many more in 2021. If you or someone you know needs assistance and they are 65 or older, please do contact us at your earliest convenience to see if we can help. Our mission is simple... keeping our communities seniors in their homes as long as comfortably and safely possible by providing low or no cost home based services... 828-222-4393

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